I used to have my blog hosted on Medium. Initially, the platform caught my interest since it was created by one of the co-founders of Twitter and it became popular within the Silicon Valley tech ecosystem as well as the Cryptocurrency online community. I liked the design and simplicity of writing there; reducing the friction behind getting your thoughts online.

I quickly decided to switch my blog to the platform. They offered custom domain support, meaning that if the platform ever shutdown I would be able to easily redirect the URLs to a new blog service.

At first this was a free feature, then it cost money and in November 2017 Medium had stopped issuing custom domains to new publications. This unfortunately has meant that it's harder to believe that Medium supports independent and decentralised publishing. I knew that it wouldn't be long until more actions were taken to platformise the writings of authors on the website.

This isn't where it ends. The company has introduced some very shady tactics such as forcing large publications to place content behind their paywall. They have since also limited the distribution of non-paywalled content.

The only case where I'd recommend using Medium is a secondary publishing platform, rather than being the primary place where your articles are published.

Here's a couple articles explaining the downsides of Medium in more detail:

From Medium to Ghost: Ghost is a publishing platform that's open and most importantly that you own the content to. You can check it out here.