I’m really excited to hear about the new release of the Snapchat Spectacles. I have been using the first-generation ones for over 2 years now and I was super pumped to see the news that a new version was being released.

Snap only sold ~220,000 of the v1 Spectacles so I’m keen to see whether this new product has what it takes to make it more mainstream.

The Lowdown

  • Three colours: ruby, onyx and sapphire (deeper colours than v1)
  • Two tints: one darker and one lighter — for each of the three colours
  • No more Snapbots: you can buy directly from the website on Spectacles.com
  • Costs £149.99 (£30 more than v1)
  • Case is smaller (but can still fully charge Spectacles ~4 times)
  • Water resistant (case is also splash-proof)
  • Take photos (as well as videos) by tapping and holding
  • Lighter design — makes it more comfortable
  • Much quicker pairing process (3–4x faster) with no more QR codes required
  • No more Yellow ring, however circular light is still there
  • Videos record in 1216 x 1216 resolution
  • Photos are taken in 1642 x 1642 resolution
Overview by TechCrunch
Overview by The Verge

I like how the yellow ring makes it less obvious that you have a camera on your head, yet still keeps the small circular light for privacy reasons. I think that this is the perfect balance.

Next Steps

Still got v1 Spectacles? A firmware update will be out soon which will allow you to take pictures with it.

However if you’re looking fresh exterior and set of features be sure to check out Spectacles.com and grab yourself a pair of Spectacles v2!